The proposed project is based on the promising results developed in the
FP7 L YNCEUS project where the innovative technologies were tested in lab and in small scale pilots. Lynceus2Market brings together European global playersin the field, such as cruise ship owners, operators, ship builders, maritime equipment manufacturers, a classification society, industry associations and important technology organisations with the aim to implement the first market replication of these technologies and products. The Lynceus2Market will create significant impact by saving passenger lives during maritime accidents.

Lynceus2Market – An innovative people localisation system for safe
evacuation of large passenger ships
Call: H2020-MG-4.2-2014 – Proiect number: 636286

Lynceus safety Canepa Campi

Lynceus Research and Development

Onboard Localisation
• Localisation of passenger and crew during Emergency
• People tracking and counting
• Wearable locator devices (Smart Life-jackets, Bracelets)
• Hybrid wired/wireless localisation system
(base-stations embedded in fire detection lnfrastructure)

Real-time Disaster Management
• Monitoring of disaster status
• Guide evacuation teams
• Prediction of disaster spreading
• Advanced disaster management based on ship sensor information
• Advanced evacuation management based on passenger location and behaviour.

Passenger Behaviour and Health Monitoring
• Life-jacket and bracellet
embedded sensors to sent information about:
– Passenger movement
– Passenger temperature
– Passenger dryness or wetness
– Passenger health parameters

Overboard Localisation
• Lif e-jacket active reflector patch
• Enable localisation in extreme environmental conditions and
during the night
• UAV mounted radar and on-board
• localisation
• Assistive search and rescue operations with localisation data from UAV


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