• ERRS automatic remote release

    ERRS automatic remote release

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    Most of the HAMMAR ERRS can be operated from several remote release positions by adding one or more remote push buttons. These units can activate H20 ERU (Electric Remote Unit) or relay outputs (depending on configuration). It is thus a very fl exible system for the management of safety appliances on-board.
    The release mechanism can be deployed irrespective of parameters such as weather, smoke, fire or degree of list without the crew having to take unnecessary risks. With HAMMAR ERRS, lifesaving equipment can be launched more eff ectively and rapidly from remote positions on deck or from the bridge. This is an important safety aspect when time is crucial for the outcome of the situation. Since the system is easy to handle and more effi ciently can launch safety equipment and managing fast evacuation of passengers you can minimize both crew and training costs; Liferafts and other systems for safety, emergency and evacuation can be hidden or positioned in remote located areas on board to free valuable deck surface for passengers or cargo to increase profi tability


  • MRRS manual remote release

    MRRS manual remote release

    MRRS is suitable for installations of up to 50 metres in length. By means of a vacuum pump, which is operated manually, the vacuum is conveyed via stainless steel tubing to a release unit. When the release unit is activated, a sharp knife blade cuts the rope sling holding the liferaft to be released. Vacuum pumps can be connected in parallel to give multiple control positions. Saves precious time when evacuating the ship Can be deployed irrespective of weather, smoke or fire. Safer evacuation work  for the crew. Lifesaving equipment can be position in remote locations on board and valuable deck space can be freed for passengers or cargo Minimize crew cost: reduce crew training cost. Minimum of maintenance and annual service; weatherproof and designed for harsh environment. Simple and straight forward design, installations where the ship´s emergency power is unavailable




  • Electronic remote release systems

    Electronic remote release systems

    Hammar Remote Release Systems are designed to release liferafts, evacuation systems and other lifesaving equipment on board vessels of all types, with the least possible effort. The Remote Release Systems off er  exible solutions with many decisive advantages  for both safety and economy.




  • Lifeboat static seatbelt 2 point

    Lifeboat static seatbelt 2 point

    Cod. L2207C

    A seat belt, sometimes called a safety belt, is designed to secure the occupant of a lifeboat against harmful movement that may result from a collision or a sudden stop. As part of an overall occupant restraint system, seat belts are intended to reduce injuries by stopping the wearer from hitting hard interior elements of the lifeboat or other passengers (the so-called secondimpact) and by preventing the passenger from being thrown from the lifeboat




  • FDP strops (fall prevent devices)

    FDP strops (fall prevent devices)

    FDP strops IMO/MSC 1327
    Rot prof, corrosion resistant, unduly affected by seawater, oil reistant, fungal resistant, UV resistant, safety factor of 6

    Cod. L2207A – L2207B

    Kit FDP for LIFEBOAT
    nr. 2 FPD; nr. 4 shacles bolt type, manual instruction, typer approval certificate, case.

    Cod. L2207B

    nr. 1 FPD; nr. 2 shacles bolt type, manual instruction, typer approval certificate, case



  • NN – SV type liferafts (Italy)

    NN – SV type liferafts (Italy)

    IMPA CODE N. 330101 /02/03/04/05 (6/10/16/20/25 pax)

    The national sailing rafts SV are approved by the Italian Ministry of Merchant Navy in accordance with circular 78 of December 29, 2008 for use on merchant vessels enabled for national navigation, fishing vessels operating in Mediterranean Sea, Naviglio enabled for coastal international navigation. Models from 4-6-8-10-12 people are available in rectangular/Flat fiberglass container (VTR)


    Capacity Person: 4    Code: L1300AA100S  LxWxH mm: 740x520x290 W 43
    Capacity Person: 6    Code: L1300AA102S  LxWxH mm: 820x540x310 W 45,4
    Capacity Person: 8    Code: L1300AA104S  LxWxH mm: 820x540x310 W 54
    Capacity Person: 10   Code: L1300AA106S  LxWxH mm: 820x640x350W 64
    Capacity Person: 12   Code: L1300AA108S  LxWxH mm: 820x640x350 W 69


  • Davit launch Type

    Davit launch Type

    IMPA CODE N. 330101 /02/03/04/05 (6/10/16/20/25 pax)

    Models approved as per Solas ‘74(83) and in conformity with the E.C. 96/98 (Ship’s Wheel).

    Emergency A pack: long international navigation
    Emergency B pack: short international navigation.


    pdf-small TABLE CODES

  • Infatable Liferafts

    Infatable Liferafts

    IMPA CODE N. 330101 /02/03/04/05 (6/10/16/20/25 pax)

    Models approved as per Solas ‘74(83) and in conformity with the E.C. 96/98 (Ship’s Wheel).
    Emergency A pack: long international navigation
    Emergency B pack: short international navigation.


    pdf-small TABLE CODES

  • Folding windcone pole

    Folding windcone pole

    Cod.: L03035C   
    FOLDING POLE pole and rotating support in stainless steel AISI 304 for Heliports and Helidecks. The pole, total height 3 m, square section (120×120 mm), is foldable with winch,  it bends in two parts to allow the sleeve to wind to be replaced with ease, without the use of stairs. Ground mounting plate, side 40 cm. Vane ST-001 rotating support. Rim windcone diam. 45 or 60 cm

    Cod.: L03035D   
    LED FOLDING POLE same features with cone illumination via 18w led, voltage 100-240 V 50/60hz

  • Tumble dryer 60 hz

    Tumble dryer 60 hz


    IMPA CODE N.174712

    Cod. L0800B1
    60 Hz. Tumble dryer, 220 V.
    Dimensions WxDxH mm. 595x555x850
    Load 6 kg.


  • Anemometer


    IMPA CODE: 370271

    Manual, wind speed range 0-120 km/h, 0-80 mph, 0-12 Bf or 0-35 m/sec.,transparent protection cover., cup cross diameter 100 mm.
    Height 21 cm.
    Weight 250 gr.

    Cod. L1119Z
    Manual anemometer
    Cod. L1119Z1
    In alternative same but with point arrester

  • Alcohol test kit

    Alcohol test kit

    IMPA CODE N. 331223

    Cod. L0707B

    Alcoodose® IR PRO 3000 is a breath alcohol tester based on infrared technologie, providing remarkable precision and repeatability, as well as negligeable drift over time. Certifications of the device NF 227 testers. Certifications of manufacturer ISO ISO 9001-2000.
    Dimensions: mm 85 x 255 x 42 (wxhxd) 1600 x 400 x 45 (suitcase with apparatus & accessories). Weigh: gr.530 (battery in place) gr.1150 (total suitcase). Ambient temperature 0°C to + 40°C. Unit of measurement mg/L. Measuring Pitch 0.00 – 3.00 mg/L. 3-digit LCD display and pictograms (measurement, alarms & menus). Power internal NiMH Rechargeable battery directly into the unit. Battery life 5 H at room temperature (+ 10/+ 40 °c)-approx. 300 tests. Disposable nozzle, plastic food, individual packaging. Calibration water-Alcohol simulator, all 1000 tests or 12 months.
    Complete Pack the device in heavy duty plastic carrying case, to store the IR PRO 3000 in its cover, battery charger, 5 tips, quick guide and manual.