Deck equipments

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  • “Blue Box” securing suction pad

    “Blue Box” securing suction pad for pilot ladder

    IMPA CODE N. 232091
    Cod. L0780F

    The “Blue Box” operates from free supplied deck air at 6-7kg/cm2 the unit is made of non ferrous materials, therefore is resistant to corrosion, it is light weight , approximately 6 kgs, it can be stored easily, is portable and robust. This simple device can solve many problems associated with high free board vessels and is an added safety device which may save injury to pilots and crew alike.


  • “Japanese” cargo net

    “Japanese” cargo net

    Made in manilla or syntetic rope, avilable in the following sizes:

    IMPA CODE N. 232151-232152
    Cod. L0782A
    mt. 2 x 2

    Cod. L0782B
    mt. 2,20 x 2,20

    Cod. L0782C
    mt. 2,50 x 2,50

    Cod. L0782D
    mt. 2,80 x 2,80

    Cod. L0782E
    mt. 3 x 3

  • “Yellow Mag” pilot ladder Magnet

    “Yellow Mag” pilot ladder Magnet

    IMPA CODE N. 232093
    Cod. L0780E

    The new Yellow Mag II is 1.6 Kg lighter than the superseded model. It Requires 15% less eff ort to remove, even thaw it has the same clamping strength and it is 33% lighter. In addition the magnet mountings and the base plate fl ex to better accommodate rough surfaces (e.g. paint or corrosion scale or weld seams) or curvature
    on ship hulls, ensuring maximum grip in adverse conditions. The fl exing characteristic also makes Yellow Mag II easier to remove.


  • Ball shaped fenders

    Ball shaped fenders covered in coir rope

    IMPA CODE N. 232401- 232402 – 232403

    Cod. L0408A
    diameter about 20 cm.

    Cod. L0408B
    diameter about 25 cm.

    Cod. L0408C
    diameter about 30 cm.

    Cod. L0408AD
    diameter about 35 cm.

    Cod. L0408AE
    diameter about 40 cm.

    Cod. L0408F
    diameter about 45 cm.

    Cod. L0408G
    diameter about 50 cm.

    Cod. L0408H
    diameter about 60 cm.


  • Ball shaped infatable fenders

    Ball shaped infatable fenders

    ISSA CODE: N. 43.035.00

    Cod. L0403A
    model: A0     diameter cm.: 23     lenght cm.: 28     floatation /kg: 6,5

    Cod. L0403B
    model: A1     diameter cm.: 31    lenght cm.: 39     floatation /kg: 16

    Cod. L0403C
    model: A2    diameter cm.: 40    lenght cm.: 51    floatation /kg: 36

    Cod. L0403D
    model: A3    diameter cm.: 49    lenght cm.: 62    floatation /kg: 65

    Cod. L0403E
    model: A4    diameter cm.: 60    lenght cm.: 73    floatation /kg: 116

    Cod. L0403F
    model: A5    diameter cm.: 76    lenght cm.: 94    floatation /kg: 119

    Cod. L0403G
    model: A6    diameter cm.: 94    lenght cm.: 119    floatation /kg: 430



  • Cylindrical infatable fenders

    Cylindrical infatable fenders

    ISSA CODE: N. 43.033.00

    White/blue colors balll shaped infatablebfenders, made pvc

    Cod. L0401D
    model: F2     diameter cm.: 22     lenght cm.: 61     floatation /kg: 16

    Cod. L0401E
    model: F3     diameter cm.: 22    lenght cm.: 76     floatation /kg: 22

    Cod. L0401F
    model: F4    diameter cm.: 22    lenght cm.: 105    floatation /kg: 35

    Cod. L0401G
    model: F5    diameter cm.: 30    lenght cm.: 77    floatation /kg: 42

    Cod. L0401H
    model: F6    diameter cm.: 30    lenght cm.: 109    floatation /kg: 70

    Cod. L0401I
    model: F7    diameter cm.: 38    lenght cm.: 105    floatation /kg: 95

    Cod. L0401L
    model: F8    diameter cm.: 38    lenght cm.: 147    floatation /kg: 150

    Cod. L0401M
    model: F11    diameter cm.: 60    lenght cm.: 145    floatation /kg: 310

    Cod. L0401N
    model: F13    diameter cm.: 80    lenght cm.: 195    floatation /kg: 750



  • Cylindrical shaped fenders

    Cylindrical shaped fenders covered in coir rope

    ISSA CODE: N. 43.038.00

    Cod. L0409A
    diameter 20 cm., lenght 40 cm

    Cod. L0409B
    diameter 18 cm., lenght 50 cm.

    Cod. L0409C
    diameter 20 cm., lenght 55 cm.

    Cod. L0409D
    diameter 25 cm., lenght 60 cm.

    Cod. L0409E
    diameter 30 cm., lenght 65 cm.

    Cod. L0409F
    diameter 35 cm., lenght 70 cm.



  • Expandable scupper plugs

    Expandable scupper plugs

    Expandable scupper plugs are used for sealing scupper holes for spilled oil or polluted liquids. The plugs are inserted into the drain holes and tightened the handle until a slight resistant is felt. The rubber parts are made of oil resistant rubber. Available in the following sizes mm and kg:

    IMPA CODE N. 232481
    Cod. L0779A1
    ø d = 45    ø D = 65    ø L =150  weight kg. = 0,7

    IMPA CODE N. 232482
    Cod. L0779A2
    ø d = 52    ø D = 75    ø L =150  weight kg. = 1,0

    IMPA CODE N. 232483
    Cod. L0779A3
    ø d = 65    ø D = 85    ø L =190  weight kg. = 1,3

    IMPA CODE N. 232484
    Cod. L0779A4
    ø d = 85    ø D = 110    ø L =190  weight kg. = 1,4

    IMPA CODE N. 232485
    Cod. L0779A5
    ø d = 90    ø D = 115    ø L =190  weight kg. = 1,4

    IMPA CODE N. 232486
    Cod. L0779A6
    ø d = 110    ø D = 135    ø L =190  weight kg. = 1,8

    IMPA CODE N. 232487
    Cod. L0779A7
    ø d = 135    ø D = 160    ø L =190  weight kg. = 2,7

    IMPA CODE N. 232488
    Cod. L0779A8
    ø d = 165    ø D = 200    ø L =190  weight kg. = 3,0


  • Galvanized rat guard

    Galvanized rat guard

    IMPA CODE N. 232364
    Cod. L0788A
    Galvanized rat guard diam. 60 cm

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