Emergency beacons and GMDSS equipment

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  • A2E navy 01 transceiver

    A2E navy 01 transceiver

    IMPA CODE N.  370133

    Cod. L0177D

    VHF/FM Radio.
    Complete with:
    • NI-CD battery pack
    • battery charger
    • removable antenna
    • belt clip attachment.
    • general uses approved type.

  • Gps Safelink Sportpro Epirb

    Gps Safelink Sportpro Epirb

    Cod. L0176O

    SafeLink SPORTPRO is a compact and stylish 406 MHz EPIRB with a built in high accuracy- GPS, for enhanced position location. It is designed to operate with the COSPAS-SARSAT international search and rescue system. The unit can be activated automatically by immersion in water, instructions printed on the unit or manually by following the activation.

    State-of –the-art multi-channel GPS
    • Internationally Approved
    • Transmits on 406 and 121.5 MHz
    • Non hazardous battery for safe and easy transportation
    • Stow safe carry bracket available for safe transportation
    • High brightness LED fl ashing locator light
    • 72 comprehensive diagnostic and self-tests during battery life
    • Once activated, will transmit for a minimum of 48 hours
    • 6 year battery life, 5 year warranty

  • Grab bag

    Grab bag

    Cod. M0176S4

    Designed for marine use, this padded and buoyant Grab Bag is perfect for holding emergency equipment.
    • High visibility
    • Buoyant
    • Splashproof
    • Padded
    • Dimensions: 35cm x 15cm x 24cm


  • Icom IC-GM1600E transceiver

    Icom IC-GM1600E transceiver

    Cod. L0177T

    The IC-GM1600E VHF transceiver is designed to operate in the most extreme environmental conditions in an emergency at sea.
    • high capacity battery BP-234 lithium off ers up to 8 hours of operation even at -20° C
    • fully waterproof and shockproof
    • great keyboard accessible with gloves withvsound operation confi rming
    • large LCD display
    • high visibility yellow body
    • easy to use, with instructions on the back of the unit
    • easy access to emergency channel 16 or inpostato

  • Icom IC-M23 marine transceiver

    Icom IC-M23 marine transceiver

    Cod.  L0177L

    The IC-M23 transceiver is able to fl oat if dropped overboard, also a fl ashing LED, on the underside, allows rapid identifi cation of the device for easy and quick recovery even in low visibility conditions.
    • small 3, 7V battery pack
    • large Lcd display
    • automatic activation of led while fallingoverboard
    • totally float
    • automatic access to emergency or selectedCH16
    • charge battery saving circuit
    • scan Tags and favorite channels
    • charging options
    Accessories: battery pack BP-266 3, 7V lithiumion 1500-1590mAh (least-Typ), BC-199SE wall
    charger, belt clip MB-124, antenna FA-SC58V user manual

  • Kannad Safelink R10

    Kannad Safelink R10

    IMPA CODE N. 372811

    Cod. M0170D1

    Provides accurate position information to assist fast recovery in a man overboard situation. Transmits GPS target tracking information to plotters and onboard navigation systems to assist fast location and retrieval.
    • Easy manual activation & semi-automatic operation option
    • Transmits GPS target tracking information over AIS
    • Compatible all onboard navigation systems to assist fast location and retrieval
    • Small and lightweight for mounting on lifejacket
    • Serialised TX ID
    • LED fl ashing indicator
    • Minimum 24 hour continuous operation
    • 7 year battery life
    • Safe stow antenna


  • Mc Murdo Epirb E5 406

    Mc Murdo Epirb E5 406

    IMPA CODE N. 372511

    Cod. M0176L

    • 406.028 Mhz sarsat frequency
    • integral state of the art Gps engine
    • fast position fl x
    • position accuracy typically 100 M.
    • height intensity strobe light
    • worldwide coverage
    • 48 hours operation at -20°C
    • compact design, drop resitant
    • lithium battery non-hazardous for shipping
    • approved type as per Solas ‘74 (83) and in conformity with the E.C. 96/98 directive (Ship’s Wheel).

  • Mc Murdo Sart S4

    Mc Murdo Sart S4

    Cod. M0179A

    Search and rescue transponder
    • small and lightweight
    • 5 years batteries life
    • mounting
    • approved type as per Solas ‘74 (83) and in conformity with the E.C. 96/98 directive (Ship’s Wheel).


  • Navy 012HP transceiver

    Navy 012HP transceiver

    Cod. L0177I

    Small in size, but with 6 watts of power includes in its modern design, technology and simplicity.
    • 6 W High Power 1W RF power low
    • emergency call viable channel with a single dedicated button (16).
    • large display screen can be backlit, key lock function.
    • squelch adjustment 8 diff erent levels.
    • Automatic squelch setting or the ability to keep it always open.
    • Monitor function for opening squelch during momentary control of a channel.
    • Dual-Tri watch simultaneously monitoring two channels, channel 16 value and the selected working channel. With Tri-Watch function it is possible to monitor three channels.
    • the Key Beep function allows to obtain a confi rmation beep whenever a button is pressed.
    • power save function allows you to save energy for the charging the battery pack
    •  comes with: lithium ion battery pack from 7, 4V/1Ah, slow charger, carrying case, antenna, manual
    In accordance with Directive 1999/5/EC

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