Fire equipment and safety

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  • Acid/gas tight chemical suit solas

    Acid/gas tight chemical suit solas

    Cod. L0765E

    Flexible material.
    Maxim freedom of movements.
    SOLAS approved


  • Alcohol test kit

    Alcohol test kit

    IMPA CODE N. 331223

    Cod. L0707B

    Alcoodose® IR PRO 3000 is a breath alcohol tester based on infrared technologie, providing remarkable precision and repeatability, as well as negligeable drift over time. Certifications of the device NF 227 testers. Certifications of manufacturer ISO ISO 9001-2000.
    Dimensions: mm 85 x 255 x 42 (wxhxd) 1600 x 400 x 45 (suitcase with apparatus & accessories). Weigh: gr.530 (battery in place) gr.1150 (total suitcase). Ambient temperature 0°C to + 40°C. Unit of measurement mg/L. Measuring Pitch 0.00 – 3.00 mg/L. 3-digit LCD display and pictograms (measurement, alarms & menus). Power internal NiMH Rechargeable battery directly into the unit. Battery life 5 H at room temperature (+ 10/+ 40 °c)-approx. 300 tests. Disposable nozzle, plastic food, individual packaging. Calibration water-Alcohol simulator, all 1000 tests or 12 months.
    Complete Pack the device in heavy duty plastic carrying case, to store the IR PRO 3000 in its cover, battery charger, 5 tips, quick guide and manual.

  • Atex tripod

    Atex tripod

    Cod. L0757A

    Lifting tripod with adjustable telescopic legs. Rescue lifting device. Height adjustement from 1,34 m to 2,14 m. maximun load 500 kg.
    Approved by CE, EN 795B



  • Boiler suit

    Boiler suit

    IMPA CODE N. 190547

    Cod. L0765D

    4 pockets plus one on the back.
    Elastic- waistband.
    100% cotton.
    Size 44-62.
    Colours: white and blue


  • C-251 Wolflite charger

    C-251 Wolflite charger

    IMPA CODE N. 330609
    Cod. L0616N

    Batteries are charged internally in these products via charging studs on the base of the handlamp.
    Voltages of 230 volts or 120 volts, selectable by voltage changeover switch.


  • Chemical tight apron

    Chemical tight apron

    Cod. L0762A1

    Pvc/poly/pvc. mm. 0,45


  • Chemical tight suit

    Chemical tight suit

    IMPA CODE N. 330980
    Cod. Z0765C

    Flexible material. Maxim freedom of movements.
    CE approved.


  • Chemical tight suit kit

    Chemical tight suit kit

    Cod. L0765C

    Composed of:
    chemical suit, apron, boots, googles, safety visor, helmet.
    Flexible material.
    Maxim freedom of movements.
    CE approved.


  • Co2 Extinguisher

    Co2 Extinguisher

    331065 (U.K.DOT)

    IMPA CODE N. 331042 (MED)
    Cod. L0695A

    Kg. 5, with bracket; approved type.


Showing 10–18 of 91 results