Liferafts and ancillaries

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  • MRRS manual remote release

    MRRS manual remote release

    MRRS is suitable for installations of up to 50 metres in length. By means of a vacuum pump, which is operated manually, the vacuum is conveyed via stainless steel tubing to a release unit. When the release unit is activated, a sharp knife blade cuts the rope sling holding the liferaft to be released. Vacuum pumps can be connected in parallel to give multiple control positions. Saves precious time when evacuating the ship Can be deployed irrespective of weather, smoke or fire. Safer evacuation work  for the crew. Lifesaving equipment can be position in remote locations on board and valuable deck space can be freed for passengers or cargo Minimize crew cost: reduce crew training cost. Minimum of maintenance and annual service; weatherproof and designed for harsh environment. Simple and straight forward design, installations where the ship´s emergency power is unavailable




  • NN – SV type liferafts (Italy)

    NN – SV type liferafts (Italy)

    IMPA CODE N. 330101 /02/03/04/05 (6/10/16/20/25 pax)

    The national sailing rafts SV are approved by the Italian Ministry of Merchant Navy in accordance with circular 78 of December 29, 2008 for use on merchant vessels enabled for national navigation, fishing vessels operating in Mediterranean Sea, Naviglio enabled for coastal international navigation. Models from 4-6-8-10-12 people are available in rectangular/Flat fiberglass container (VTR)


    Capacity Person: 4    Code: L1300AA100S  LxWxH mm: 740x520x290 W 43
    Capacity Person: 6    Code: L1300AA102S  LxWxH mm: 820x540x310 W 45,4
    Capacity Person: 8    Code: L1300AA104S  LxWxH mm: 820x540x310 W 54
    Capacity Person: 10   Code: L1300AA106S  LxWxH mm: 820x640x350W 64
    Capacity Person: 12   Code: L1300AA108S  LxWxH mm: 820x640x350 W 69


  • Universal liferaft cradles

    Universal liferaft cradles

    Cod. L01300AZ022
    Universal liferaft cradles

    Cod. L01300AZ023
    Universal cradles lashing straps


Showing 10–12 of 12 results