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    IMPA CODE N. 330438

    Technical Parameters:
    Capacity 6L; Working pressure 30MPa; pressure regulator air supply >350L/min; output pressure 0.7±0.2MPa; safety valve opening pressure Open in 1-1.4MPa; electronic alarm system, respiratory resistance <980Pa, service time 45 min.,

    Package size: 77 x 30 x 50cm. Weight <23 kg.

    The SCBA provides user sufficient air by equipped with one or two gas cylinder.


    It is automatically activated when it is dropped in the water and the sensors on batteries
    body come in contact with water. Once activated, it works with the operating sequence
    “FLASHING-STEADY-SOS-OFF” by the manual switch.

    Because of its multifunction,
    it can be used not only as indicating-position light for various lifejackets, but also as an
    emergency signal for different outdoor sports.

    The light can be seen clearly from at least
    1.5 km in 360° directions so that it can increase the success of rescue operations. This
    lifejacket light is anti-UV and corrosion resistant. The clip makes installation easy and


    IMPA CODE N. 330438
    Emergency Escape Breathing Device supplies 15 minutes of constant flow air separately. It can be used to escape when the person is under the environment with noxious gases, harmful gases, smoke or lack of oxygen. It is applicable mainly for the wheel house, engine room, cabinet, recreation room and vertical place of the ship. And it is applicable for other similar dangerous area also. Certification MED

    Technical Parameters:
    Gas Cylinder: capacity 3 L, working pressure 21 MPa; pressure regulator air supply >35L/min; output pressure 0.6- 0.9 MPa, electronic alarm system, service time 15 min.
    Package size 59x25x17cm. Weight <7,5 kg.


    Manilla rope. Grooved no skid wooden steps. Approved as per Solas ‘74(83) and in conformity with the E.C. 96/98 directive (Ship Wheel)

  • LIGURE C lifebuoy

    IMPA CODE N. 330159
    The product is in compliance with MSC.81(70) as amended;Reg.7,Reg.
    34 of SOLAS 74 as amended; MSC.36(63); MSC.48(66); MSC.97(73); MSC 200(80); MSC 226(82).

    Shell:high-density polyethylene Filling rigid polyurethane foam
    External diameter 713 ± 15 mm. Internal diameter 445 ± 15 mm.

    Thickness 115 ± 10 mm. Weight ≥ 2,5 kg. Max. Storage height 80 m

  • NAUTIC C immersion survival suit

    IMPA CODE N. 330195

    The product compliance with IMO.Res.MSC.81(70) as amended; Reg./7, Reg./22, Reg./32, Reg./34 of SOLAS 74 as amended;

    IMO. Res. MSC. 36(63); IMO. Res. MSC.48(66); IMO. Res. MSC. 97(73); MSC 207(81); MSC 323(89).


    Hazardous Duty Lifejacket Preserver (automatic type)

    Triple activation system
    Manual, oral and automatic activation.
    Colour: velise navy blue, stole yellow
    Adults size with weight equal to or more than 43 kg., height equal or more 155 cm., chest girth up to 175 cm.
    Weight Kg. 1,5 (approx)
    Buoyancy chamber: TPU coated nylon welded
    Buoyancy 18 kg (approx)
    Chamber: twin chamber, polyamide fabric TPU coated
    Inflation: primary compartment can be automatic/manually/orally in- flated; secondary compartment can be orally inflated only
    Gas charge: 60 grams CO2
    Retro riflective trim: 250 cm2 retro reflective applied on spray hood, 400 cm2 retro reflective applied on buoyancy chamber Miscellaneous:
    – SOLAS approved water activated light.
    – Buddy line with toggle
    – Spray hood with transparent visor
    – Tensile strength of waist belt 200-300 kg
    – User’s guide/instruction
    – Whistle
    – Rescue stop
    – Steel buckle

  • PACIFICA Adult and Child

    Wear your Life with PACIFICA!

    Easy to wear!
    Easy to stow!
    Easy to save in transport!


    The equipment comes in a simple nylon/plastic bag.In accordance the Polar Code indications (IMO Resolution MSC.385(94).
    Weight bag: 2,250 kg.
    Dimensions bag: 34 x 24 x 8 cm
    The Canepa & Campi Kit consists of equipment capability to perform in a polar environment. Additional equipment can be added upon request.

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