Personal lifesaving equipment

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  • Lifejacket PACIFICA adult

    PACIFICA adult

    330131(H.K.), 330138 (U.K.DOT)

    ISSA CODE N.  47.010.03
    IMPA CODE N. 330148 (MED)

    For user with weight up to kg. 140 and chest  girth up to mm. 1750 and height over cm. 155. MSC 207 (81). Lifejacket light housing.

    Buoyancy 150 N
    Weight kg. 0,600
    Dimensions cm. 30 x 55 x 10

    It is easy to wear for all adults including oversize, seniors and persons in critical situation. Thanks to its compact design, the Pacifica does not need any crotch strap, that could be dangerous in a panic scenario if not correctly worn and not properly indicated for seniors and for those who dress skirts or long robes. Easy to stow !!! Check the cubage of your wardrobe and you will be amazed how many of our lifejackets can be stored inside. Save money in transport: 20 feet ctn can store up to 1630 and 40 feet cnt up to 3340 Pacifica.


  • Lifejacket SAL06 MMI

    Lifejacket infatable SAL06 MMI

    Cod. L0160L

    SAL06 MMI mod. inflatable lifejacket by MMIcontract
    250 N floatation, 25 Kg.

    • Lifejacket light with automatic activation
    • Cyalume snap light to be stored into thepockets
    • Fluorescein sea mark

  • Lifejacket Work Vest mod.

    Lifejacket Orione Work Vest mod.

    330141(H.K.), 330140 (U.K.DOT)

    IMPA CODE N. 330166 (MED)

    Lifejacket Orione Solas in accordance with MSC (81/70) as amanded MSC 200 (80) resolution 207 ( 81) MED A.1/1.4 type WORK VEST coverin PVC particularly wear resistant.

    weight kg. 1,1



  • LIGURE Lifebuoy

    LIGURE Lifebuoy

    330151 (H.K.), 330156 (U.K.DOT)

    IMPA CODE N. 330159 (MED)

    Cod. L0203A1

    Approved as per Solas ‘74(83) and in conformity with the E.C. 96/98 directive (Ship’s Wheel), approved also by: Canada, Croatia, Russia, Poland.
    Weight Kg. 2,5 ext. diameter cm. 73, int. cm. 45


  • Manoverboard MK9 P.W.

    Manoverboard MK 9 P.W.t

    IMPA CODE N. 330321

    Pains Wessex Schermuly emergency light and smoke marker for bridge. Complete with bracket.

    Cod. S0241D

  • Reflective tape

    Reflective tape

    IMPA CODE N. 330189

    Lenght 45,7 mt.

    Cod. L0935H

  • RSF-III immersion survival Suit

    RSF-III immersion survival Suit

    330170 (H.K.), 330169 (U.K.DOT)

    IMPA CODE N. 330195 (MED)

    Fire-retardant 5 mm neoprene. Low temperatures. Three finger glove. Approved as Solas ‘74(83), in conformity with the 96/98 EC directive (Ship’s Wheel) and in accordance with MSC (81/70) as amanded MSC (200) 80 MED A.1/1.5

    Cod. L183C

  • Safety Belt

    Safety Belt

    In accordance with ISO 12401.

  • Stainless steel bracket

    Stainless steel bracket

    Cod.  L0209B
    Stainless steel bracket for lifebuoy.

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