IMPA CODE N. 330438

Technical Parameters:
Capacity 6L; Working pressure 30MPa; pressure regulator air supply >350L/min; output pressure 0.7±0.2MPa; safety valve opening pressure Open in 1-1.4MPa; electronic alarm system, respiratory resistance <980Pa, service time 45 min.,

Package size: 77 x 30 x 50cm. Weight <23 kg.

The SCBA provides user sufficient air by equipped with one or two gas cylinder.

Product Description


The air is compressed to store in the gas cylinder (the pressure of the gas cylinder is 30MPa).But the air in the gas cylinder can’t be breathed by user immediately. It must be decompressed twice through the related parts.First, the pressure regulator decompresses the high pressure air to 0.7MPa, and then transporting it into the medium-pressure pipelines, at last, through the air supply valve, the air is decompressed again to the positive air which can be breathed by the user. Because the air provided by air supply valve is positive air, the pressure inside the face mask is always higher than outside working environment. So the toxic gas and aerosol and smog can’t enter into the face mask, which fully protect the safety of users.