IMPA CODE N. 330438
Emergency Escape Breathing Device supplies 15 minutes of constant flow air separately. It can be used to escape when the person is under the environment with noxious gases, harmful gases, smoke or lack of oxygen. It is applicable mainly for the wheel house, engine room, cabinet, recreation room and vertical place of the ship. And it is applicable for other similar dangerous area also. Certification MED

Technical Parameters:
Gas Cylinder: capacity 3 L, working pressure 21 MPa; pressure regulator air supply >35L/min; output pressure 0.6- 0.9 MPa, electronic alarm system, service time 15 min.
Package size 59x25x17cm. Weight <7,5 kg.

Product Description


The compressed air in the steel air cylinder of the TH/15 series Emergency breath equipment goes through the pressure reducer, The reduced air goes out of the valve to be constant flow air, and then goes into mask through air supplying hose to provide the user with clean air for breathing.
The easy to don flame retardant hood incorporates a wide visor for enhanced peripheral vision. The natural rubber neck seal is ozone resistant ensuring high levels of protection, and long life, even after storage.
The cylinder contents gauge is clearly visible without any dismantling or adjustments to the unit due to a transparent viewing window located on the side of the bag. This allows for quick and simple cylinder contents inspection.
During an escape situation a warning whistle sounds when the unit is nearing the end of its air supply, this is to help ensure the user knows when they need to be in a safe breathing environment.