ERRS automatic remote release

ERRS automatic remote release

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Most of the HAMMAR ERRS can be operated from several remote release positions by adding one or more remote push buttons. These units can activate H20 ERU (Electric Remote Unit) or relay outputs (depending on configuration). It is thus a very fl exible system for the management of safety appliances on-board.
The release mechanism can be deployed irrespective of parameters such as weather, smoke, fire or degree of list without the crew having to take unnecessary risks. With HAMMAR ERRS, lifesaving equipment can be launched more eff ectively and rapidly from remote positions on deck or from the bridge. This is an important safety aspect when time is crucial for the outcome of the situation. Since the system is easy to handle and more effi ciently can launch safety equipment and managing fast evacuation of passengers you can minimize both crew and training costs; Liferafts and other systems for safety, emergency and evacuation can be hidden or positioned in remote located areas on board to free valuable deck surface for passengers or cargo to increase profi tability


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