pubblicazioni nautiche Nautical publications

Nautical publications

Nautical publications

Cod. L1065A
Rules to avoid the collisions at sea
Cod. L1065B
Regulation of safety of the navigation and of the human life at sea
Cod. L1065N
Civil code
Cod. L1065C
Navigation code
Cod. L1065D01
MERSAR English language manual
IMPA CODE N. 370667
Cod. L1065C01
International code signals
Cod. L1065F1
Headlights and lamps list-Vol. one
Cod. L1065H
Nautical ephemeris
Cod. L1065I
Nautical tables
Cod. L1065L
Tides tables
Cod. L1065M
SOLAS 74  internaational Convention
Cod. L1065L3128
Part 1° service radio
Cod. L1065L3130
Part 2° service radio
Cod. L1065P1
Portolano P1 (Mar Ligure)
Cod. L1065P2
Portolano P2 (Mar Tirreno e Corsica)
Cod. L1065P3
Portolano P3 (Sardegna)
Cod. L1065P4
Portolano P4 (Mar Tirreno to Maratea)
Cod. L1065P5
Portolano P5 (Calabrian and Apulian costs)
Cod. L1065P6
Portolano P6 (Sicily and Malta)
Cod. L1065P7
Portolano P7 (Adriatic from Puglie to Marche)
Cod. L1065P8
Portolano P8 (Adriatico from Emilia to border)


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