Hazardous Duty Lifejacket Preserver (automatic type)

Triple activation system
Manual, oral and automatic activation.
Colour: velise navy blue, stole yellow
Adults size with weight equal to or more than 43 kg., height equal or more 155 cm., chest girth up to 175 cm.
Weight Kg. 1,5 (approx)
Buoyancy chamber: TPU coated nylon welded
Buoyancy 18 kg (approx)
Chamber: twin chamber, polyamide fabric TPU coated
Inflation: primary compartment can be automatic/manually/orally in- flated; secondary compartment can be orally inflated only
Gas charge: 60 grams CO2
Retro riflective trim: 250 cm2 retro reflective applied on spray hood, 400 cm2 retro reflective applied on buoyancy chamber Miscellaneous:
– SOLAS approved water activated light.
– Buddy line with toggle
– Spray hood with transparent visor
– Tensile strength of waist belt 200-300 kg
– User’s guide/instruction
– Whistle
– Rescue stop
– Steel buckle

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