PACIFICA Adult and Child

Wear your Life with PACIFICA!

Easy to wear!
Easy to stow!
Easy to save in transport!

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Product Description


Cod. L0147P1

For user with weight up to kg. 140 and chest girth up to mm. 1750 and
height over cm. 155.
MSC 207 (81). Lifejacket light housing.
Buoyancy 150 N
Weight kg. 0,600 approx
Dimensions cm. 30 x 55 x 10.

IMPA CODE N. 330148 (MED), 330131 (H.K.) 330138 (U.K. DOT)

It is easy to wear for all adults including oversize, seniors and persons
in critical situation. Thanks to its compact design, the Pacifica does not
need any crotch strap, that could be dangerous in a panic scenario if not
correctly worn and not properly indicated for seniors and for those who
dress skirts or long robes. Easy to stow !!! Check the cubage of your wardrobe
and you will be amazed how many of our lifejackets can be stored
inside. Save money in transport: 20 feet ctn can store up to 1630 and 40
feet cnt up to 3340 Pacifica.


Cod. L0147P2

For user with weight kg. 15 or more but less than kg. 43 and height cm.
100 or more but less than cm. 155.
MSC 207 (81)
Weight kg. 0,480
Dimensions cm. 47 x 30 x 12,5


Cod. L0147P3

For user with weight less than kg. 15 and height less cm. 100.
MSC 207 (81)
Weight kg. 0,413
Dimensions cm. 37 x 31,5 x 12,5