panni assorbitori sorbent pads

Absorbent pads oil

Absorbent pads oil

IMPA CODE N. 232514

Cod. LASO002
• Size 41×46 cm.
• 100 pieces each box
• Sorbent capacity (Lt each box) : 120
• Holed and just cut
• Dispenser box


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Product Description


Absorbent highly resistant products in polypropylene fi ber made, easy to use and reusable, are employed all the times where there are oil, hydrocarbons spillages both on the ground and on water. Water proof.
They are perfect ally for absorbency in emergency situations both on ground and sea environments. The wipes, pillow and rolls for their versatility are used to absorb spills in every situation, the cylindrical barriers, thank to their flexibility are particularly suitable for limiting the spills in cramped corners, to surround a machine or a drum. Using these products you will get a clean working environment, safe and significant increase of production. Available in different shapes and sizes for each application. The wide range includes absorbent ideal for use in ports, manholes and drainage ditches, or to respond to situations where, in waterways there is a strong current. The products are static easier flammable liquid handing. Packaged in comfortable boxes or propylene packaging for a more reduction of cots. Absorbs impregnated can be reused after their squeezing or pressing bers impregnated can be reused by their squeezing or pressing.