Absorbent pillow Chemical l.

Absorbent pillow Chemical l.

Cod. LASC030

Size 25×25 cm
Pieces per box: 20
Sorbent capacity Lt per box: 57
Packing: box

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Product Description


Products of chemical category are designed to absorb in case of accidental acid, toxic liquids, spills gases dissolved in water or in any cases dangerous. Our products restricted the evaporation of the treated products and they have strong absorption. They are among the few products in the word capable of absorbing fl uoride hydrogen. Ideal absorbers in presence of aggressive chemical spills. They are treated with surfactants which limit considerably the emission of vapor. Created in different versions of the shoes, rolls, pillows and socks for each different use. Packaged in resistant comfortable boxes are ideal to use it in chemical analysis laboratories, hospital and chemical storage areas both on the floors and in other areas, making the workplace clean and safe.