sorbent powder

Absorbent powder MULTISORB-C

Absorbent powder

Cod. LDUS100

Main features :
• Fireproof resinous sorbent
• Solid granules made
• Rosati PH: 6 (+/- 5 ) .
• Bulk: 140 A 160KG / M3 .
• Humidity : 10 to 185 % .
• Particle size contained from 0.5 1.4 mm .
• Density 0.170 ± 0.03 .
• Absorbs 400 % to 650 % of its own weight .
• Chemically neutral
• Fireproof by water : 7 %
• Do not spread fire
• Do not form sludge
• No toxic
• No abrasive
• No slip
• Free of dust and exhausted
• Biodegradable
• 100 % vegetable
• Bag weight 6.5 KG .

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Product Description


Our blotter and highly resistant articles are compound in polypropylene fiber, suitable for all types of spills, leaks or dripping of industrial liquids (water, solvents, oil, lubricants, chemicals…). We have available all articles in different shapes and sizes for each application, from flammable liquids handing rough surfaces cleaning various kinds of spills. The wipes, pillow and rolls for their versatility are used to absorb spills in every situation, the cylindrical barriers, thanks to their fl exibility are particularly suitable for limiting the spills in cramped corners, to surround a machine or a drum. The products are static easier flammable liquid handing. Packaged in comfortable boxes or propylene packaging for a more reduction of cots. Useful in industrial environments ensure the workplace clean and safe. Easy to use and reusable are applicable in every leakage situations as long as the leakages situations as long as the leakage will be not toxic or caustic