Standard  rescue  Jason’s Cradle

Standard rescue Jason’s Cradle

Standard  rescue  Jason’s Cradle

The Standard Jason’s Cradle® is proven to aid in the safe and speedy recovery of manoverboard victims in the preferred horizontal position. They are currently in service globally and are considered a vital piece of safety equipment. SOLAS Approved and guaranteed for 3 years. The Standard Rescue Cradle is simply fixed to the deck or rail to enable deployment within seconds. The Standard Rescue Cradle can be easily rolled up for stowage. Deployment of the rescue Cradle forms a non collapsible scoop. The casualty is guided into the cradle head first. A Strop and /or Hauling lies are pulled to close the loop. A co-ordinated and methodical lift takes place and the casualty is retrieved by rolling onto the deck in the medically preferred position.

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